Software Solutions for Financial Services

Financial institutions face increasing competitive pressures from the current merger environment and the ever-increasing need for investment in IT resources to stay competitive locally and globally. LANAC Technology Industry Consultants have the background and technical expertise you need to shorten the software solution implementation curve.

Now, more than ever, companies involved in the financial services industry are under intense scrutiny to assure that their financial reporting is also accurate and timely. Government agencies demand precise reporting. LANAC Technology Consultants understand the unique needs of the financial services industry. We can help you optimize your available resources by providing key business information benefits:

  • Determine your most profitable customers, lines of business and products.
  • Supply you with the data you need to comply with regulatory and statutory reporting requirements.
  • Provide information to make intelligent daily business decisions.
  • High transaction volume capacity of Microsoft SQL Server with full backup and recovery capabilities.
  • Multi currency management
  • Multi company reporting and consolidation.
  • Inter-company transactions allow easy distribution of transactions across multiple companies.

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