Retail Management (RMS)/POS Consulting

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Microsoft Dynamics RMS provides a complete point-of-sale solution built to meet your specific needs. A InterDyn LANAC Technology consultant will work with you to customize a solution around your specific retail business management needs.

Realize the cost savings of automated point-of-sales processes, plus store operations. Benefit from centralized control if you are a multi-store retailer. Additionally, this solution integrates easily with other popular Microsoft Office and Business Solution Applications.

If you have an interest in touch screen add-in and/or zip code capture for target marketing into your Microsoft Dynamics RMS screen, please contact us today for more information. This touch screen add in and zip code capture has been very successful for Goodwill Industries type stores as it is highly customizable.  This product works best as a multi-store/multi-location product as well as for chains.

Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System (RMS)


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